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TN BPM104 Connect WW Intelligence Database to Skelta BPM

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You may have a situation where you want to display Wonderware Intelligence information in a Skelta BPM database activity. For this you can create a database connection to WW Intelligence and link it to the Skelta activity.


  • Author: Michael Dudley
  • Published: 12/08/2015
  • Applies to: Wonderware Skelta BPM 2014




To create the database connection, you need the server name, database name and database authentication information of the WW Intelligence database.

Hint: You can get this information from the Wonderware Intelligence Configurator.


  1. Enterprise Settings menu -> Settings > Database Connections .
  2. New connection.
  3. Enter title, description and uncheck the "Connect to repository datasource".
  4. Select SQL server as the database type - Keep the Connection string as Connection Type.
  5. Enter the server name.
  6. Enter User Id, Password and Advance Settings.
  7. Enter the Database name.
  8. Click on Test connection.
  9. Click Save.