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TN RMP04 Import Recipe Manager Plus Model Error




This article from InSource shows how to avoid a security related issue when attempting to import the model from the Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus application.

  • Author: Rich Brooks
  • Published: 10/19/2016
  • Applies to: Recipe Manager Plus 2014R3 SP1


The use of Recipe Manager Plus with Application Server requires the import of the object model.  This is accomplished from the menu of the Integrated Development Environment (IDE).


Clicking on the Connect button shown below may generate the following error popup message.


Re-run the Configurator for Recipe Manager Plus where the Server Components are installed.  Select the ArchestrA Security Token item in the left panel.


It is necessary to use the Wonderware Change Network Account for the Client Registration.  Enter the network account in the  Registrar User field.  No password is required.  Press the Configure button.

Next, select the Server Components item in the left panel.


Enter the Wonderware Network Account login and password for the ArchestrA Secturity Token Service Client Registration.  Press the Configure button.

The IDE will now be able to connect to and import the model for Recipe Manager Plus.

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