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TN RMP03 Timeout on Download from Recipe Manager Plus to ControlLogix




This article from InSource describes a solution for a timeout fault on download from the Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus to ControlLogix PLC's.

  • Author: Rich Brooks
  • Published: 2/22/2016
  • Applies to: Recipe Manager Plus 2014R2 or higher


A client encountered an issue where the execution (download) of recipes was slow and faulted with a timeout error.  Recipe Manager Plus (RMP) in this case is using OPC UA to communicate with Software Toolbox TOP Server.  TOP Server is configured to connect directly to the ControlLogix PLC's.  There are multiple PLC's configured in each equipment in RMP.  Timeouts were seen for both reads and writes to the PLC's.  We tested out communication using an OPC UA test client.  The same fault was seen when attempting to read a single tag. 


Firstly, the configuration in TOP Server was updated from a single controller for all PLC's to multiple controllers with one for each PLC (shown above).



Secondly, the Protocol Mode for each of the ControlLogix PLC's was changed to Symbolic.  The default protocol mode is Logical Non-Blocking.


These are the three options for the protocol mode.  


The two modifications to the TOP Server configuration resolved the timeout fault issue in the download of the recipes.