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TM RMP03 Installing Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus 2014 SP1

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Installing Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus


  • Author: Peter Farrell
  • Published: 09/28/1958
  • Applies to: Recipe Manager Plus 2014 SP1




You must be logged on to the computer as a user with administrative
privileges to install the Recipe Manager Plus software.

When UAC is enabled, a security prompt is shown when you start the
installation. If necessary, enter the administrative user credentials to
allow the installer to proceed.

To install Recipe Manager Plus features

1 Insert the Recipe Manager Plus CD into the CD-ROM drive. The
installation program runs automatically. If your network or
company security policy does not permit autorun, browse the root
directory of the CD and run setup.exe. The Recipe Manager Plus
Installation Wizard starts.

The installation program detects and installs the initial system
requirements. For more information on specific system
requirements, see the Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus Readme.


2 Install the system-specific prerequisites. If your computer does not
meet the initial system prerequisites, the Prerequisites dialog box




3 Select the Show All Prerequisites check box to view all the
prerequisites. Double-click any item to see more information. Click
Install Prerequisites. The program installs the general system
prerequisites. The License Agreement dialog box appears.




4 Read the license agreement. You can print a copy of the license
agreement for your records using the Print icon.


5 Click I accept the license agreement and then click Next. The
Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus Installation dialog box



6 Select the check boxes to indicate which features you want to
install, and then click Next.


You can click Browse to change the destination folder where the
program will be installed.


Note: You can select multiple features and all the selected features
will be installed together if all the prerequisites are met.


If an ArchestrA user account is required, the user account dialog
box appears.



7 Specify an ArchestrA user account. You can specify an existing
user account, or create a new ArchestrA user account if no other
ArchestrA-enabled software is installed on the computer.


If you create a new account, do the following:


a Type your User Name and Password.


b Select the Create Local Account check box, if not already


By default, this check box is selected and the Domain/Local
Machine box displays your computer name.


c Specify a different domain/local machine name, if necessary. If
you clear the check box, the Domain/Local Machine box
displays the default domain name. You can then modify it.


If you are using an existing account, do the following:


a Type the User Name and Password for the existing account.


b Clear the Create Local Account check box.


8 Click Next to complete the User Account setup.


9 When you select a Recipe Manager Plus feature to install, a list of
prerequisites that are required for installing the selected Recipe
Manager Plus features is shown.




Any prerequisites you are missing will be identified as not met.


If you select Schneider Electric Licnesing feature for installation,
the installer will check and install prerequisites for Schneider
Electric Licensing also.


10 Click Install Prerequisites. The program installs the
prerequisites. When all prerequisites are installed, click Next. The
Ready to Install dialog box appears.




11 Review your installation options and then click Install. The
Updating the system dialog box appears which takes a couple of
minutes to copy the files on your computer.


After the files are copied, the complete installation dialog box




12 If the installed features require configuration, click Configure.



A note on upgrading from earlier versions of Recipe Manager Plus


Upgrading Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus installs 2014 R2 (v.2.0) on a computer that has a previous version currently installed. An upgrade removes or uninstalls the previous version of Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus and installs Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus 2014 R2 (v.2.0).


Note: Upgrade does not affect the data logged in the SQL Server database.


You must use the IDE Import utility to re-import Equipment to their existing RecipeManagerPlus App Objects. This will update the URL the objects use to point to the Recipe Manager Plus Server (if it has changed). The IDE Import utility itself may need to have its Server Site node name updated in order to perform the import. For more information, refer to the section below.


For more information regarding the upgrade from a previous version of Recipe Manager Plus, see the Upgrade section of the Recipe Manager Plus Installation Guide.


Note: The Schneider Electric Licensing Server is not installed as a part of an upgrade and if a local license server is required, you must install and configure the Schneider Electric Licensing Server after the upgrade before you can use the Recipe Manager Plus v2.0 application. If you are using a remote license server, then configure the Schneider Electric License Server to the remote node. Licenses must be available at the remote server for Recipe Manager PLus to acquire and work.