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TN MES120 Using MES Database to determine shrink for bulk production processes

  • Author: Devin Hepburn
  • Published: 03/28/2022
  • Applies to: MES


This query will help drive reports or an understanding of production, consumption and shrink involved with bulk production processes.

First Step

Connect to MESDB using valid credentials or generate a reporting script/connection.

This example uses views of MES DB tables, but they can be accessed directly if desired.

Second Step

Using the query below, all current information for a work order can be reported back:

  • Production
  • Consumtion
  • Shrink

This information tends to be quite helpful for bulk manufacturing processes, as they tend to target shrink values and need to understand when shrink differs from what is expected.


Screenshot 2022-03-28 153916.png

What's Next

This is a high level overview of how to extract shrink data from processes.  This can be used to create custom reporting or dive into inventory descrepancies.

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