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TN MES119 Configuring Security for the MES Web Portal



This article from InSource shows how to configure security for the Wonderware MES Web Portal.  OS User or OS Group security is required to log into the web portal.

  • Author: Rich Brooks
  • Published: 7/1/2019
  • Applies to: Wonderware MES 2014 and higher


Running the MES Web Portal with Native security results in the following error message when attempting to navigate to the web site.


Note:  This tech note assumes that the MES Web Portal is already installed and configured.  Please see the installation guide for detailed instructions.

Security is configured from the MES Client.  Click on the General Parameters button on the left.  Expand the Security parameter.


Scroll down to locate the Security Mode parameter.  The default setting is Native.  This must be changed to either OS User or OS Group.  Save the change from the menu bar.


Caution:  Do not close the MES Client until an OS User or Group is added to the MES administrators group.  You may not be able to log back into the system.

Click on the User Groups and Users button to the left.  FactAdmin is the default MES administrators group.  Right-click to add an OS User or OS Group underneath FactAdmin.  Save the changes from the menu bar. This at a minimum needs to be added before closing the MES Client.


Navigate to the MES Web portal using //<Server Name>/MES.  The user is auto logged into the system using their domain credentials.