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TN MES113 Using Time Filters with the MES Utilization Control

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Article describes ways to filter the MES Utilization Control. 


  • Author: Michael Walker
  • Published: 09/25/2014
  • Applies to: Wonderware System Platform 2014 R2, MES 2014




The MES Utilization Control shows DT Reason for the MES Database.  The list of these reasons can be filtered by Time, State and Event Count using the controls methods and properties. The items below provide examples of this.


The UtilizationFilter.UtilStatusFilter property determines what state filter , if any, will be performed based on utilization status(that is, Time and Down Time).  The UtilStatusFilter property is enumerated as seen below:



The UtilizationFilter.UtilTimeFilterType property determines what time based filtering, if any, will be  on the data. The UtilTimeFilterType property is enumerated as seen below:

{LastNEvents = 0
ThisShift = 1
LastShift = 2
ThisHour = 3
LastNHours = 4
CurrentDay = 5
Yesterday = 6
CurrentWeek = 7
LastWeek = 8
CurrentMonth = 9
LastMonth = 10
Custom = 11
None = 12}


The UtilizationFilter.UtilFilterUnAck property specifies whether unacknowledged events, acknowledged events, or both types of events  be shown. The UtilFilterUnAck property is enumerated as seen below:


{Unacknowledged = 0,
, Both=2}