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TN XX Mobile Process Notifications with Wonderware's SmartGlance




This article from InSource shows how manufacturers and industrial concerns can react faster to abnormal process conditions in the plant with tools they already carry on their hip.

  • Author: Chris Selph
  • Published: 11/20/2017
  • Applies to: SmartGlance and Wondeware Historian OnLine


Manufacturers often need to enable their problem solving workforce to react as soon as possible to abnormal plant process conditions. They also don't want to "tether" their people to their desktop or even laptop computers in order to get the information they need to quickly solve problems. Most people today are armed with a smart phone or tablet so let's see how they can be empowered with information NOW via proactive alerting.

Wonderware's OnLine Historian includes the capability to see curated process content (charts graphs etc) on your mobile device and includes user defined Alerting via the SmartGlance Mobile App for Apple and Android devices. (Search your app store for Smartglance and download for free to test drive) 

Here is a big picture diagram of the data flow and architecture. 



Let's focus on the SmartGlance app on your mobile device and how to configure Alerts. We will use an iPhone as the example. 

First, let ensure that your device is set to allow notifications from that app.


Next let's configure the app to allow alerts to be visible based on your schedule in the app's Settings > Notifications


Now let's configure the app to send alerts based on specific process conditions.


  • The app is pointed to the correct Wonderware Historian OnLine Solution
  • There is saved content/reports that was created via the browser interface that shows data/tags you want to alert on. 

From the Home Screen on your app, touch the content/report that contains the tag(s) you want to alert on.

Then "long press" on the tag and you will see the Add Alert menu appear.


Choose "Add Alert" then configure the alert's expression.


Alerts will then be sent to the device (even if the app is not running). Here are a few ways in which the alerts might appear.

In App Home Screen Wake Screen In App Alerts View
6.jpg 8.jpg 9.PNG 10.jpg

Need to modify or delete an Alert?

Use the In App Alert View to change Alert settings or completely remove the alert.

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