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TN DR112 Connecting to Wonderware On-Line Historian




This article from InSource shows how to make a connection to Wonderware's On-Line cloud based Historian with DreamReport. 

  • Author: Chris Selph
  • Published: 8/29/2018
  • Applies to: DreamReport 4.8 and Greater


Begin editing your DreamReport (DR) project in the DR Studio and Follow these steps outlined in the image below.

1. Edit your Driver Configuration

2. Select Wonderware On-Line InSight (assumes Wonderware Drivers were selected during install)

3. Enter a driver name. Note that there are several options for this driver which remain statis so if you need to use various options, create a Separate logical driver for each.

4. Select Configure 

5. Enter the Wonderware On-Line server root URL (see notes below on how to find that URL)

6. Enter your user name for Wonderware On-Line (this does not have to be an admin user)

7. 6. Enter your password for Wonderware On-Line

8. Test the connection

9. Select the Data Mode for this connection (see note on step 3 above), (see DR help for details on these options)

10. Confirm these settings with "OK" for the configuration dialog

11. Add this driver to the list

12. Confirm the Driver Configuration with "OK"

WWOL DR Connection.jpg

This driver will now be available as an "external history server" and will browse the tag structures in Wonderware On-Line including logical "locations" that can be optionally added to each tag in Wonderware On-Line.

DR WWOL Tag browse.jpg


How to find the Wonderware On-Line server root URL

In Wonderware On-Line, go to the Administration Portal

Choose the Rest API under Integration Settings

wwol admin restapi.jpg

Copy the URL shown under Basic Authentication to your clipboard and paste into the "Server Root" field in step 5 above.