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TN - 1379 - Updating Engineering Units in AVEVA Insight for Integral Retrieval and Flow Totals



This technote from InSource Solutions shows how to change your Engineering Units in AVEVA Insight when it does not produce actual totals based on the flow rate.  

  • Author:         Glenn Yancey
  • Published:   6/23/2023
  • Applies to:    AVEVA Insight


There are some engineering units such as GPM (Gallons Per Minute) that do not produce actual totals such as the gal/min (Gallons per Minute) as GPM, by default, is not part of the Engineering Units Catalog.   This Engineering Unit or EU is imported from the Historical tags that have replicated up to AVEVA Insight from the AVEVA Historian or the AVEVA Insight Publisher.   However, this newly imported Engineering Unit of GPM needs to be adjusted in order to map to the original Engineering Unit to calculate the rates correctly.  

For Integral Retrieval to function correctly, we need to have an analog tag that an Engineering Unit that is represented over Time such as Feet per Second, Liters per Hour, Gallons per Minute, etc.   These are rates that are used to determine dimensions such as Volumetric Flow, Speed, Pressure Rate, Mass Rate, and Data Rate to name a few.    Over the years, many different versions of a specific rate might have evolved into many variations.  (Ex. gal/min -> Gal/m and GPM).  

Here is an example below with a Content Pane showing both Averages and Totals (for a production line making Coconut Water and Lime juice) to show what GPM might look like had the GPM not been adjusted in the Engineering Units portion under the Administration Portal.  


As you can see, the Integral Retrieval that AVEVA Insight utilizes behind the scenes does not calculate the Integral (total) correctly.   It doesn’t know how to utilize the minute in Gallons Per Minute to come up with the total flow.  Therefore, we need to change how GPM should be used.   The total flow for my Coconut water production line shows as 175,748, which is way too high if my hourly average is 48.819.   The value should be (2929.14) based on that average multiplied by 60 for each minute in an hour.          

So here are the steps to resolve the Engineering Unit to have the internal Integral Retrieval calculate the rate total accurately in AVEVA Insight.

1)      Pull down the AVEVA Insight navigation pane on the left side of the Insight page, and select Administration.



2)      Select Engineering Units in the Administration Portal.



3)      Scroll down under Engineering Units until you find the EU in question, GPM for us in this scenario.   Adjust the following:

a.      Select a catalog dimension:          Volumetric Flow (US)

b.      Select a Catalog Symbol:                gal/min

c.       Save

Note: By changing our GPM to these properties, we are MAPPING the GPM EU to (gal/min), in order to function just like it. 



4)      Return to the Content pane with the Flow Totals from before, which you should now see the numbers appearing correctly for the Total.