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TN - 1051 Create a guided analytics model in InSight



This article from InSource shows how to create a guided analytics model in InSight (cloud).

  • Author: Lewis Talley
  • Published: 12/10/2020
  • Applies to: InSight (various)


locate the asset you wish to add a guided analytics model on. In this case browsed from the Asset hierarchy, but there are other ways to get to this screen:



Next select the "add guided analytics model" selection from the asset actions menu as shown:



select the tags you wish to add to the model:


Now give the guided analytics model a name and a training window:



Next we will add a filter to tell the model to ignore monitoring the variables when the asset is not running.  In my case I assumed that when the current was below 35 amps I want to assume my asset is not under load and I do no want the data to be considered in the model.


You can also add an operational mode indicator at the next step, but I did not add one in this example so now we see the summary screen:



The end result that gets created shows an anomaly score with all of the contributing variables and the score ranges from 0-100 based on how much that variable contributed to the anomaly score.  The higher score indicates likely where the problem came from:




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