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OI.ABTCP in Demo Mode. ABTCP Not Licensed. SMC Reports No Valid License to Acquire




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  • Author: Peter Farrell
  • Published: 12/21/2019
  • Applies to: Software Name & Version


If after having run an OI ABCIP without issue, it suddenly stops updating, check to see if the OI.ABTCP is in demo mode with ABTCP reported as not licensed. The Aveva System Management Console > Logger may report No Valid License to Acquire. You may still see messages, “License feature OI_Server of version x.x has been acquired…”


Open the Aveva System Managemnet Console and navigate to Operational Integration Server Manager > Default Group > Local > Operations Integration Supervisory Servers > Allen-Bradley – ABTCP > OI.ABTCP.1.


Note the icon for the OI.ABTCP.1. It may show a tiny green dot just to the left and touching the normal yellow square, and also that the yellow square had a small green triangle pointing to the right (similar to a play button) overlaid. A green circle with white check mark may also be present. This is different from the usual icon which also has the green circle with white checkmark, but in place of the triangle, a normal icon has a small overlaid icon that looks like an envelope or drivers license.


The Aveva logger may included additional messages similar to the following:

Component ABTCP “Application is running in demonstration mode. Please install a valid license in 120 minutes”

Component ABTCP “Server is unlicensed”


Open Windows Explorer and navigate to c:\Program Files(x86)\Common Files\ArchestrA\License where it may be noted that no ArchestrA.lic license file is present. Earlier versions of the ABTCP OI server require an ArchestrA.lic file to operate normally. Typically, earlier versions of OI servers were not enabled by the 2017 style XML file license and require an ArchestrA.lic file. Contact your Aveva supplier to request a newer version of your ArchestrA license file. Copy the new ArchestrA license into the license file path shown above. The messages previously seen in the logger should stop. The log file should now advise

License feature ‘OI_Server’ of version 11.1 has been acquired, expiration date = 1-jan-00’

You may continue to see messages in the logger “Server is running in demo mode” about once every 30 seconds. These messages may continue for some time until the ABTCP OI Server rereads the license file and demo mode messages should then stop with a message indicating that the license had been acquired successfully. You could also have deactivated and reactivated the OI Server to force a license reread. The server should now continued to operate normally and the icon for the OI.ABTCP.1 resolved to a normal licensed running state.

The reason why the OI server had initially run without any apparent problems for some time with this issue manifesting without any licensing change or otherwise updates to the system may have been because a license certificate changed from Schneider Electric to Aveva and the OI Server was forced to reread the license file. Not finding an ArchestrA.lic, it went into Demo Mode.

A review of the Aveva log file at the time the license started failing may show the message -

Error level from ABTCP - "Please contact Schneider Electric Software technical support regarding licensing error verifyfilesignature(C:\Program Files (x86)\OI-Server\CommonFiles\bin\SELicensing.dll)"