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TN IB011 Automatic Startup of Batch Management Services on Reboot



This article from InSource shows how to AutoStart Batch Management (aka InBatch) on server reboot.

  • Author: Chris Selph
  • Published: 6/29/2020
  • Applies to: All Versions


During the development phase of a Batch Managememt project, you should start the batch services manually using the Environment Display. Notice that most of the services are set to start manually.




Once the system is configured properly and you want to the batching services to start automatically, you should configure the following:

Note you cannot set the services to start automatically.

The ETCMDS.exe file is used to start the services in the correct sequence.


This can be done via a batch file with the following command sequence as found in the Batch Management Users Guide:

sleep 150

etcmds -r

You can use the Windows Task Manager to execute this batch file when the server boots and does not require interactive user login.

Note also you can use this to stop batch services as well as the switches below indicate from the user's guide. 





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