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TN IB006 InBatch ActiveX Controls



This article from InSource provides a listing of the ActiveX controls included with Wonderware InBatch software.

  • Author: Rich Brooks
  • Published: 11/17/2016
  • Applies to: InBatch 2014R3 and higher


The ActiveX controls included with InBatch are frequently embeded in Wonderware InTouch HMI windows to provide a programming or user interface.  These ActiveX controls expose their properties, methods, and events when their respective graphic is dropped on a window in InTouch.  The controls are installed with InBatch, but need to be enabled from InTouch.  Enable the controls from the WindowMaker menu by selecting Special | Configure | Wizard/ActiveX Installation... 


Select one or more controls from the Available ActiveX controls list at the bottom and then click the Install button.  They will be moved to the Installed ActiveX controls list on top.  You will then have access to these controls from the Wizard Hat icon in WindowMaker.  The controls are added graphically to one or more window(s) in InTouch.


Non-GUI Controls

These are invisible at runtime.  They have no graphical component.  The controls rely on scripting to utilize it.


Batch Gui Config Control

The BatchGuiConfig ActiveX control provides central administration of all Batch GUI controls for an application.  A connection to the InBatch server is defined in this control.


InBatch Batch Control

The InBatch ActiveX control provides a programming interface that you can use to schedule, monitor, and control batches.


Batch Security Control

The BatchSecurity ActiveX control allows the user application access to the InBatch security system so that applications and functions can be secured.


GUI Controls

These are visible at runtime.  They have a graphical component.  The controls rely on the user to interact with it.


InBatch SFC Control

The SFC ActiveX control provides a visual representation of a running batch.


Batch List Control

The BatchList ActiveX control provides live list data. You can configure the BatchList control to be a schedule list, active batch list, active phase list, or parameter list.


Batch Field Control

The BatchField ActiveX control is a data field that is linked to a BatchList control.


Batch Button Control

The BatchButton ActiveX control is a configurable batch action button.


You may reference the Wonderware InBatch User's Guide for more details on each of the controls.

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