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TN IB002 How to disable ping time from an InBatch Client (IBCLi) access name




This article from InSource describes how to disable the ping time check to an IBCli access name. This will need to be done on occasion because not all DA Servers support the InBatch watchdog tag.

  • Author: Joseph Hefner
  • Published: 05/16/2016
  • Applies to: InBatch 2012 and later


Sometimes the InBatch Server will be full of messages similar to the one below even though communication is still working. This is because not all DA Servers support using the InBatch watchdog tag. 



These messages can be eliminated by following the instructions below:


1) Open the InBatch Environment Display and click the Environment button:


2)  Select IBCli for the application and click the "Assign Parameters" button.  If you have more than one IBCli make sure to choose the one reporting the ping message:


3) Click "Ping Time" and select the "OK" button:


4) Enter "0" for the value and select "Change".  This will disable the watchdog tag for the watchdog tag for this access name:



5) Confirm that the "Ping Time" now shows a value of 0 and select "File \ Exit" to leave the Environment Editor: