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TN HistClient132 Installing Per Named Device Licensing (Historian Client)




This article from InSource shows how to install Per Named Device licenses which are required for thin clients to use the Historian Client.  Often times people confuse Named Device with Per Named Device licensing and Per Named Device is the type that is required for terminal services.  Note that other types work as well (Per Named User, Concurrent), but this article does not address those.

  • Author: Lewis Talley
  • Published: 03/10/2017
  • Applies to: Historian Client (Various)


In order to use Per Named Device licensing, the ArchestrAServer.lic file must be used for each named device that you intend to specify (in our case we have 3 devices)


Now we can install the first license which will be for a laptop named LTALLEY-M6800

step_1.jpg  step_2.jpg

Next we will go ahead and install the rest of the licenses just like we did above (make sure to select "Append to existing license")..

step_3.jpg  step_4.jpg


Now lets test to make sure that the license system can see the license and the correct device.  I am connecting to a virtual machine with an RDP client and launching Historian Client trend (from within the session).  This would be the same as launching it from a thin client device..

step_5.jpg  step_6.jpg