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TN HistClient126 Some domain users are unable to use "Private Groups" from within Historian Client




Some domain users are unable to use "Private Groups" from within Historian Client. This includes being able to create or see existing private groups. This article from InSource walks through some simple things to check to try to resolve this.

  • Author: Joseph Hefner
  • Published: 09/06/2016
  • Applies to: Wonderware Historian 10 or later.


Step 1)  Confirm the SQL Server Agent is started.  If it is not started, you will see a Red X listed in the bottom right corner as below:



If it is not started, you can start it by right clicking on "SQL Server Agent" and selecting "Start".


If you would like for this service to start automatically, you can go to "Administrative Tools \ Services" and right click on the "SQL Server Agent" Service and go to Properties and change the Startup Type to "Automatic". 





Test creating a private group from within Historian client and if you are still unable to do so try "Step 2" below:

Step 2) Expand the Jobs folder and confirm you see a job called "Update_User_Detail".  If this job does not exist try the following.

* Before attempting the steps below make sure to backup the existing runtime database.

a) Under the Runtime database expand Programmability \ Stored Procedures and locate the procedure called dbo.aaUserDetailUpdate

b) Right click on dbo.aaUserDetailUpdate and then click the "OK" button at the confirmation screen below:



Test to see if the user can now create and see "Private Groups" from within Historian Client.