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TN HistClient122 How to auto login to the Historian Client ActiveData Grid

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Method to automatically login to the Historian Client ActiveDataGrid


  • Author: Benjamin Davis
  • Published: 12/28/2015
  • Applies to: InTouch 2014R2




Add the Historian Client ActiveDataGrid to an InTouch window

How to add the Historian Client ActiveDataGrid to an InTouch window


Name the ActiveDataGrid

1. Double click the ActiveDataGrid

2. Type in the name in the ControlName field, e.g., aaHistClientActiveDataGrid1


Use the dot fields of the ActiveData Grid in a script

#aaHistClientActiveDataGrid1.ServerName = "<IP address or name of the computer running SQL Server>";
#aaHistClientActiveDataGrid1.UserName = "<SQL Server username>";
#aaHistClientActiveDataGrid1.Password = "<SQL Server password";



#aaHistClientActiveDataGrid1.ServerName = "";
#aaHistClientActiveDataGrid1.UserName = "sa";
#aaHistClientActiveDataGrid1.Password = "SecretPassword#1234";