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TN HistClient116 How To save a Historian Client Query into favorites.

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This Tech Note will walk you through creating a query in Historian Client Trend and then saving the query via a sql file into the Favorites are for future use. In this example we are going to generate a query on two tags named ReactTemp and ReactLevel for a 30 minute period then saving it as our Reactor query.


  • Author: Alex Daevnport    
  • Published: 12/18/2015
  • Applies to: Historian Client




1 Open your Historian Client Query via Start - All Programs - Wonderware  - Historian Client. Select the tags from the Tag Picker that you wish to use in your query. In this example ReactTemp and ReactLevel have been selected.




2 Click on Query Type and select History values as seen below.




3 Select which columns you wish to display by checking/unchecking the relevant boxes. As yo make the selection the Results will update.




4 Click on the Time Tab and click on the middle Time column and select 30 minutes.




5 In this example (optional) you can select the Format Tab and Wide Query Format.




6 Once finished with the options you wish to select click on the SQL Tab in the Results Tab.




7 Click on File - Save then name the SQL Query as appropriate. In this case it's been named Reactor.sql and keep this at the default location. Click the Save button.






8 Click on the Query type option and select Favorites. The query you saved will now be available to use or even edit further.




9 Click on the Query you saved and the Data Tab the data for that moment will now be displayed.