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TN HistClient114 How to create a simple report in Historian Client Report

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This Tech Note will walk you through creating a simple Historian Client Report getting historical values for a tag out of the Historian Server. In this example it will be the ReactLevel Tag with the default time period.


  • Author: Alex Davenport
  • Published: 05/16/2016
  • Applies to: Historian Client


1 Open the Historian Client Workbook via Start - All Programs - Wonderware - Historian Client.





2 When Report appears click on the Historian Tab and then click the Insert Query button.





3 The Direct Query Menu appears then click on the Query Form button highlighted below.




4 Once the Query Form Button is selected this calls the Historian Client Query tool as seen below. In your Tags area find the relevant tag(s) you wish to use for obtaining data. If you want more than one tag hold down the Ctrl key to multi-select. They will appear in the Results area as seen below.




5 Click on the Query Type and select the History values option as seen below.




In the Results are you will see the data from the Historian Server that will be imported into the Report. If you want to refine the Columns you can select/deselect as appropriate. Click the OK button.




7 The Direct Query menu now updates with the SQL query from the Historian Query tool. Click on the OK button If you want to change the way the data is presented you cn click on the Format Table button and make your changes as necessary. If you decide to change this click the OK button or otherwise click on the Cancel button. When back in Direct Query menu click the OK button.





8 The Report appears to be blank but we need to click the Run Report Button.




9 You will then be given the option to save this query as a template. If you wish to do so click Yes and save this to the default location otherwise click the No button.




10 The Historian Client Report will now update with the imported data from the Historian Server as seen below