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TN HistClient110 How to use the Historian Client Active Data Grid Control in Intouch

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How to use the Historian Client Active Data Grid Control in Intouch


  • Author: Mike Viteri
  • Published: 11/13/2015
  • Applies to: Historian Client & Intouch





You will need to make sure you have Historian Client installed. This will allow the Active X control to be expose to Intouch.


1. Open Windowmaker and Go to Special->Configure->Wizard/Active X controls.




2. Then from the bottom window select aahHistClientActiveDataGrid Control. Once its selected then click install on the right hand side of the screen. This will then move the control up into the "installed Active X controls". Then close out.




3. Now go into the Intouch wizard hat and select  the aaHistClientActiveDatatGrid controls.




4. Drag this control over the Intouch window. Also create a button next to the control.




5. Double click on the button and select touch push button->action script. Then you will select insert from the file menu then select ActiveX




6. Next you will select methods from the Active X Control. They are Servername,Username and Password.




Enter your Servername, Username and Password. This will allow logon to the Historian. Save and go into Windowviewer.




7. Once in Windowviewer you can click the button you created. This will allow you to logon to your Historian. Then right click on your control and select SQL.




8. On the Active Data Grid Properties select template.(You can also insert your customer query)




9. Select the template you want to use. Here we are using Analog History. Press select.





10. This will paste the query in SQL tab of the control. Hit ok.




11. Now your data should appear.