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TN - 1191 Updating Historian Descriptions for Converted Legacy Field Attributes


This article from InSource shows how to update missing attribute descriptions when Legacy field attributes are converted to object attributes in AVEVA System Platform 2020 R2.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  10/18/2021
  • Applies to:  System Platform 2020 R2 & higher


The following example uses objects upgraded from v3.1 SP2 to 2020 R2 P01.  There is an incorrect assignment during conversion of Legacy field attributes.


The objects had descriptions assigned to the field attributes.  They are used from the Historian Client to describe each trend pen.


The short description (Me.ShortDesc) for the object is assigned in the conversion.  This needs to the the attribute description rather than the object description.


The correct assignment is Me.<AttributeName>.Description.

Create a Galaxy Dump from the IDE for the object instances that need to be updated.  Use find and replace from Excel to update the CSV file.  


Find what:  me.ShortDesc

Replace with:  =CONCATENATE("me.",LEFT(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW()-1,COLUMN())),FIND(".",INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW()-1,COLUMN())),1)-1),".Description")

Also, run the following find and replace for objects that have more than one instance.

Find what:

Replace with:  =INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW()-1,COLUMN()))

Save the file in CSV format and load the updates to the Galaxy using the IDE.  The attribute descriptions will then display properly from the Historian Client Trend.