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TN - 1363 Updating the Application Path For Imported Nodes in the Historian



This article from InSource shows how to update the Application Path for Imported Nodes in the Historian.

  • Author: Frank Ross
  • Published: 05/09/2023
  • Applies to: Historian Server 


When importing tags into the Historian from different nodes within the network, there are times where the application path needs to be updated.   An example would be the replacement of a computer from which the tag names were imported.   Instead of adding a new imported node, the preference is to update the path on an existing Imported Node.    The objective here is to prevent a total re-import of the same tag names from a new computer, thus duplicating the tags within the Historian.

The Historian System Management Console (SMC) does not offer any method to update the application paths, and so the only way to modify the paths is to run SQL Server Update Queries.    

This image shows the current configuration of the paths within the Configuration Editor \ Storage \ Imported Nodes:


Attempting to re-run the Tag Importer Wizard does NOT offer any method or solution to update a pre-existing Imported Node:


Thus, the only method is to run update queries using Sql Server Management Studio against the underlying tables which contain the application path information. 

Using the Runtime Database, run the following query to update the Path for the Imported Node(s):


Upon successful execution of the SQL queries, the updated application path information will now be displayed within the SMC.   You can now safely do re-imports of the existing tags without creating duplicate tag names.