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TN WW244 How To Collect Offline Software Asset Manager Data




This article from InSource shows how to retrieve computer asset inventory using Software Asset Manager from a machine that is remote or removed from the internet.

  • Author: Justin Benton
  • Published: 09/10/2019
  • Applies to: Software Asset Manager 4.0 


In order to collect asset data for Wonderware machines that are not connected to the internet, you will have to use the Software Asset Manager's Offline Utility in order to collect the inventory. In order to use this utility you will need a flashdrive

  1. Open the SAM client, and click the "Add System" Icon, while you have your top level network selected.


  1. Fill in the correct parameters. Note, for this process to be successful, the System Name must match the actual name of the system. If you already have a System in place, skip this step.


  1. Add a "Machine" to the System. This is where you will make the Remote or "Offline" designation.


  1. After you have added your Remote machine, the "Download Offline Utility" option enables under the "Create" tab.


  1. The download will ask for a receiving location. Choose your flashdrive. SAM will create a folder named "Inventory" with the following files.


  1. Navigate to the Offline folder within the inventory folder and run the SLCOfflineUtility.exe. You will then see a screen similar to the main screen back on the SAM client machine.


  1. Select the machine and click "Start." Once completed, eject the USB properly and take it back to the SAM Client machine.
  2. Insert the USB into the SAM Client, select Remote (Not Connected) and on the "Detect" tab click Start. You'll be prompted to browse to the USB drive. After collection is finished, you will see all acquired information in the SAM Client.


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