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TN J5-002 How To Search Within A J5 Application




This article from InSource shows the various ways that you are able to search for content within a J5 application using the J5 search bar. 

  • Author: Justin Benton
  • Published: 07/30/2018
  • Applies to: J5 2017.2 and Above


The J5 search bar is a full text searching engine similar to a standard web browsing engine such as Google or Bing. There are five types of searches that you can perform within the search bar that will help you find what you are looking for fast without the use of wildcards.

1. Individual Word - Type in a word, and the system will scan all applications for it.


2. Multiple Words - Searching with multiple words, without quotation marks will search for both words across all applications. The words may appear together or separate, no matter the field or the order that they may appear.


3. Phrase Search - Searching for multiple words, within quotation marks, is considered a phrase. Searching for a phrase will search for all words in the phrase, across all applications. The words in a phrase must match exactly and must appear together in a field.


4. Negative Search - Using the minus symbol will exclude all words immediately after the minus symbol from the search. You can also use the minus symbol before a phrase to ignore an entire phrase.


5. OR Search - Using the “OR” keyword allows you to search for words without requiring them all to be there. The OR keyword is not case sensitive.




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