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TN J5-001 Notable Field Types Within J5




  • Author: Justin Benton
  • Published: 07/26/2018
  • Applies to: J5 17.2 and higher


Within a J5 application page, depending on the page you're on, there are multiple types of inputs fields available to use. Some of the fields reference another object or entity within the application. While some may add a situational awareness component to it. This article will provide a description of the four notable input field types within an application.


Rich Text Fields

This field type allows you to enter and edit text. It also provides more advanced editing features than a normal text box. Depending on the version of your J5 application. This box will be here by default, or you will see a small plus sign in the top left corner of the input field.



Attachment Fields

This field allows you to add an attachment to your J5 page. While there are no inherent restrictions, file type and size can be configured during the application creation process. J5 supports attaching multiple files.



Asset Selector

This field is a J5 control that allows you to associate a piece of equipment to a record. You can associate multiple assets to a record and you can also remove an asset from the record. The Asset Selector also has a filter that can narrow down a search if you have a large number of assets to choose from.



Operational Area Field

A group of linked dropdown fields are used to associate an operational area to a record. These are configured during the application creation process but the standard is usually defined as seen below.


The number and names of areas can be configured. The predefined hierarchy starts from top to bottom with Site being the top level in this example.

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