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TN Intel111 Using the concurrent licensing add on for WW Intelligence




This article from InSource shows how to use the concurrent license add on. 

  • Author: Lewis Talley
  • Published: 08/07/2018
  • Applies to: Intelligence 2017


The core of how the solution works relies on 2 API calls, and this is also the basis for how the process can be tested.  Essentially when a user goes to the new URL for the Tableau portal, the code causes them to request a license.  The API passes the credentials of the user’s log in information (note they must be logged in on the domain, and using IE) to Tableau.  The licensing service alters the role of the user from “unlicensed” to “interactor”, and then allows them in.  You can watch this happen, by having a user manually click the links below (request changes to interactor, and release changes to unlicensed), and this is also the process you would use to troubleshoot.    


To manually request a license:






To manually release a license: