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TN InSight009 Not all tags are being seen on Insight online.



This article from InSource shows you how to clear your cached data and update Google Chrome to the latest version so you can see all your Insight online tags.

  • Author: Christopher Cleope
  • Published: 2/26/19
  • Applies to: InSight


  1. Open Google Chrome and click on the settings tab. Click About Chrome. (Make sure it is up to date)

Capture Chrome Browser Updated.PNG

  1. Under settings type in the search bar "Cache" and this page will pop up. 

    Scroll to the bottom until you find where it says "Clear browsing data" and click it.

Capture finding cache.PNG

  1. Uncheck browser/cookies and leave cached images and files checked. (You can leave them all checked if you want to clear all your data)

    Click the clear data button.

Capture clearing cache-data.PNG

  1. You should now be able to see all your Insight online tags.