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TN IT343 Login authentication with the password being echoed.




This article from InSource shows you how to enable echo when typing a password for authentication.

  • Author: Chris Cleope
  • Published: 5/24/19
  • Applies to: Intouch


  1. Create a text, and name it whatever you would like. Double click it and choose User Inputs(string)
    1. Tagname = $OperatorEntered
    2. Echo = Yes
    3. Keypad = Yes


  1. Create another text for the password, and name it whatever you would like. Double click and choose user Inputs(string) again.
    1. Tagname = $PasswordEntered
    2. Echo = Password
    3. Keypad = Yes


  1. Create another text if you want to see the account type.
    1. Value display
    2. String.
    3. $Operator


  1. Creating a logoff if you want
    1. Create a button and double click it (Touch PushButton)
    2. Select Action
    3. Type: DIM X as Integer
      X = Logoff();