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TN Hist306 Historian Communication issue with OI Server starting in version 2017 U3




This article from InSource shows how to address a potential Historian Communication issue with OI Server starting in version 2017 U3.  

  • Author: Glenn Yancey
  • Published: 09/15/2019
  • Applies to: Historian Server U3 and higher


Starting in 2017 U3 (Update 3) there is a new secure SuiteLink connection, enabled with TLS 1.2 protocol, that encrypts the communication channel between the SuiteLink Server and SuiteLink Client. This setting is turned ON by Default, HOWEVER you will want to make sure that any machines in your network has this turned off if it is still ON while others have it off.  This service is designed to encrypt the communication, but a secure SuiteLink communication channel must establish the TLS Handshake, key exchange and server certificate validation.


If one machine such as the Historian has this selected, but others do not such as the OI Server nodes or AOS nodes, then we could get potential flatlines in our Trends from the Historian Server. Only if we know that we are not using Secured Suitelink at all, it is recommended that we set the following setting in the Configurator to “NO SYSTEM MANAGEMENT SERVER configured” to be consistent for all of those nodes.