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TN Hist278 Using value state retrieval with the Historian on analog tags




This article from InSource shows how to use the value state retrieval mode combined with analog data in the Wonderware Historian Server.  It would allow you to answer questions such as "what percentage of time was my speed below X" or "How long was my temperature above X"?

  • Author: Lewis Talley
  • Published: 09/20/2017
  • Applies to: Historian (10.0 and greater)


The value state retrieval mode allows us to look at the percentage (or time) a discrete value spent in a state.  You can also make this behave in a similar manner to treat analog values as discrete values.  I used the Historian Client Query tool, but you can also do with excel or a SQL query (which I will show at the end): Make sure you select History values and state time.

Step 1.jpg

Next we will set the retrieval options.  This will be done in 2 places, on the main options tab and then the other tab.  Set your cyclic attributes to the number of states you have (in my case I have 2 so I will set it to 2).  Next click the other tab as shown:

Step 2.jpg

Next click on the other tab and make the selections highlighted:

Step 3.jpg

You can also play around with specifying a state that you are interested in, or changing the state calculation.   Below is the SQL query I used..

Step 4.jpg