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TN Hist266 Creating a Dashboard using InSight




This article from InSource shows how to build a dashboard display using Wonderware's Historian InSight website.

  • Author: Rich Brooks
  • Published: 1/24/2017
  • Applies to: Historian InSight v1.0.14000


Start by browsing to the InSight website installed locally using the following URL:  //servername:32569/

The website will automatically login with your Windows credentials.  Users must be a member of either aaAdministrators, aaPowerUsers, or aaUsers.

Start by searching for the Historian tags from the magnifying glass bar at the top.  Select the tags from the drop down list as required.


Format the trend chart as desired and then select the share button to Save for later.


Type in a name for the chart to be saved.


Add Keywords to the chart that may be used to generate the dashboard.  One or more keywords may be added to each chart.


Be sure to press the enter button before clicking on SAVE.  

Repeat the previous steps to build one or more additional charts using the same keyword(s).

Create a dashboard by searching on a keyword from the magnifying glass bar at the top of the page.


Select the about Reactor dashboard icon.


The Reactor Dashboard is displayed with the three charts built in my example.