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TN Hist265 How to Resolve Time Sync Issues with Historian and MDAS and/or IDAS




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  • Author: Ernest Lee
  • Published: 2/15/2017
  • Applies to: Historian version 10 and higher


A time sync issue occurs when the IDAS or MDAS nodes connected to Historian have a different system time. 

You will receive one of the 2 messages in System Management Console Log Viewer:

Attempt to store values in the future; timestamps were overwritten with current time - this means the Historian still stores data values but
it overwrites the data time stamps with its own. You don't lose data in this case.

Values in the past did not fit within the realtime window; discarding data - this message indicates Historian is ignoring data because it is 30 seconds
late or more. In this case, you are losing data and you need to correct the problem.

There is a command you can run in Windows Command Prompt to synchronize the computer time on any node to that of Historian. 

The command is NET TIME\\computername /SET.


After this command is run on all affected computers the errors should go away and all nodes will be time synched with the Historian.