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TN Hist252 How to add an OI Server server to be an IDAS data source in the Wonderware Historian



This article from InSource shows how to manually add an OI Server to be a IO Server type for the Wonderware Historian.

  • Author: Joseph Hefner
  • Published: 05/16/2016
  • Applies to: Wonderware Historian 10 or later



1) Find the instance name of the OI Server that you wish to add.  In the image below, the instance name is ABCIP_Joe



2) Under Configuration Editor \ System Configuration \ Data Acquistion right click "I/O Server Types" and choose "New I/O Server Type".



3) For the Application Name type, the name of the OI Server instance and click the "Finish" button:



4) Right click on the IDAS that you wish to add the OI Server to and choose "New I/O Server":



5) Select the newly added OI Server instance name for the "I/O Server Type":