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TN Hist246 Enable tracking and reporting on modifications made in Wonderware Historian

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Tracking modifications made in Wonderware Historian database may be requirement for compliance reporting or a standard a operating procedure.


  • Author: Michael Dudley
  • Published: 12/18/2015
  • Applies to: Historian 2014 R2 




To enable tracking:

  1. Go to the SMC and Select  Historian -> Historian Group -> [Your Historian] -> Configuration Editor -> System Configuration -> Parameters -> ModLogTacking Status parameter, Double-Click and change the Value field to one of the following modification options as desired:


1 = inserts

2 = updates

3 = inserts + updates

4 = deletions

5 = inserts + deletions

6 = updates + deletions

7 = inserts + updates + deletions 



  1. Right-Click on the Parameters tree level and Select Commit Pending Changes… to force the modification to update. 

To review modifications made to the Historian database:

Right-Click on the System Configuration tree level and Select Track Modifications.


Select Filter options and Click Search.