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TN Hist244 Terminating All Historian Processes Via Command Prompt

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In the instance where you cannot end all Historian server processes in the System Management Console (SMC), it may be necessary to manually terminate them. An example of this is where you need to drop and recreate the Historian Runtime database in Configurator but can't stop all of the processes that are running. This tech note shows you how to terminate all Historian processes in Command Prompt.

**NOTE: This method is only recommended for situations where you cannot stop Historian using the recommended and standard method.**


  • Author: Daniel London
  • Published: 12/9/2015
  • Applies to: Historian



Open command prompt and type the following text into it:

taskkill /F /IM "aah*" /T


Execute the command and the processes that were terminated will be listed  below the entry.