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TN Hist235 Historian Tagname Rename Utility

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This article from InSource shows how to rename the tagname that is being stored to Historian. This utility will allow you to rename that same tag inside your History Blocks so you can keep your data linked.


  • Author: Mike Viteri
  • Published: 11/10/2015
  • Applies to: 2014R2(11.6)


For Historian Versions ...





Shut down and disable the Historian



On the Historian browse to C:\Program FIles(x86)|Wonderware\Historian\X64\. Inside this folder you will find the aahTagRename Utility.



Open the aahTagRename Utility. It will ask you to connect to your Historian Runtime. Click Connect




Next click on add tag button





Enter the old tagname you want to change. Enter the new name you would like it to be. Click ok.





Click on the Rename Tag button at the bottom of the screen.




You should see a success message.





For Historian Versions 8.0-9.0


Tags need Renaming in existing Historian Data Blocks without losing the History for those Tags




Solution Details


Click here to download.


Before you use this utility you are recommended to do the following


1 Move the history blocks where you want to rename a tag outside of the current Circular and Alternate directories, rename the tags and then, optionally, move the history blocks back


2 Stop InSQL, rename the tags, and then restart InSQL.


Open the Tag Rename Utility




You will then need to browse to your History Block(s) then click OK




This will then be updated into the Utility and then click Next




You then will need to type in the current Tag you wish to change and then enter it’s new format. If there is more than one Tag repeat these steps or you can use a CSV file by clicking the relevant button.




All the History Blocks that are available in the Folder you selected will appear. Click on the Check All Button then Click Next




The Tag Rename Utility will now rename all your Tags and will inform you how may were changed and if it completed successfully.