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TN Hist210 Extracting data from WW Historian via OPC


How to query data from the Wonderware Historian in real-time via OPC. 


  • Author: Lewis Talley
  • Published: 03/31/2015
  • Applies to: Wonderware Historian, FSGateWay





FSGateway is installed on the same machine as the Historian.  Version 2014 R2 was used for this quick note, but this functionality is present in many other versions of the Historian as well.

pic 1.png



From the SMC add a new SuiteLink object to the FSGateway.

pic 2.png



Configure the SuiteLink object to communicate to the real time SuiteLink server that is part of the Historian as shown above. 

pic 3.png


Add a topic as shown and name it tagname.

pic 4.png



Add items you wish to share and make browse able from the OPC Client.  You can also import from a CSV if desired.

pic 5.png


Activate the FSGateway DAServer.

pic 6.png


Configure your OPC Client to connect to the FSGateway.  This should populate automatically if things are configured correctly.


pic 7.png


Above shows data coming back into the Application Server OPC Client, but any OPC Client that can communicate OPC DA 2.05+ should work.