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TN Hist101 Setting up a dependency on SQL Server for the Historian.



Sometimes the Wonderware Historian configuration service may start up before Microsoft SQL Server is ready. This will cause the Historian to be non-functional. This article describes setting up a dependency on SQL Server in order to prevent the Historian configuration service from starting to soon.



1) Launch the Windows Registry Editor by going to Start \ Run  and entering regedit


2) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services and find InSQLConfiguration


3) Double click the DependOnService entry and enter MSSQLServer and click OK to close the edit window



4) Confirm the dependency by going to Start \ Run and entering services.msc



5) Find the Wonderware Historian Configuration Server and right click it and go to properties

6) Click the dependencies tab and confirm SQL Server is in the list




On the next reboot, the Historian Configuration Service should not try to start until SQL Server is started.