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TN - 1263 Historian Tools Extended



This article from InSource highlights a lesser known set of SQL queries for Historian

  • Author: Mario Meza
  • Published: 06/14/2022
  • Applies to: Historian


Historian Client Tools are a collection of a few Power shell scripts and SQL queries that can be helpful in extracting useful information from AVEVA Historian. Most are packaged as stored procedure "CREATE" scripts and add UNSUPPORTED objects to the "Runtime" database.


The primary implications of being UNSUPPORTED are:

  • These scripts have had LIMITED testing and may not work completely as intended and may have unintended side effects.
  • They include NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. InSource assumes NO responsibility for these scripts or any unintended consequences of using them.
  • By using them, you assume FULL responsibility for the consequences.
  • The scripts/objects may fail to work following a product update (patch, service pack, major release) that makes changes to existing database objects.
  • The objects will not be automatically recreated in a new "Runtime" database.
  • Wonderware/AVEVA assumes no responsibility to answer questions or assist with the use of the scripts themselves (although, to the degree they leverage standard product features, those are of course supported).


Its strongly recommended to thoroughly test in a sandbox before attempting to run in a production environment.

They are offered here as a convenience:  Historian Tools Download

You can also obtain them directly from the following git hub repository 



By way of example one set of queries offers a high-level characterization of the current load placed on SQL Server by client node, user, and application. While generally not specific to Wonderware Historian, as provided these are filtered to only include the load on the "Runtime" database.