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TN - 1188 Historian Quality Detail 33 Issue/Resolutions



This article from InSource shows possible issues and resolutions when Quality Detail = 33 and/or the Historian does not display data beyond 7 days.

  • Author: Frank, Ross
  • Published: 09/30/2021
  • Applies to:  Aveva Historian (All Versions)


Issue:   Aveva Historian Clients do not display any historical data beyond 7 days and the Quality Detail =  33 for data beyond the 7 days. 

Aveva Historian documentation Quality Detail = 33 indicates an attempt to retrieve data beyond the license feature duration of the Historian has occurred.  

Violation of History Duration 
license feature 
You have queried beyond the 
licensed time range limit. 


This issue can be verified by reviewing the License Information from within the Historian System Management Console (SMC).   

From the Historian Server SMC, expand the hierarchical Historian tree (Historian-->Historian Group-->Historian Node-->Management Console).   Right-click on the Status, and select  "All Tasks --> View License Information" to view the Historian License Status.    In the example, the Historian acquired a Development license which has a look-back history of 7 days.    




Resolution: The resolution is to reserve the proper historian license from the License Manager Server.  From the License Manager Server, verify a Historian License has been applied and activated.    Reserve the License for the server on which the Historian has been installed.      This Historian should now be able to review all history per the License agreement.