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TN - 1143 Troubleshooting Aveva Insight Publisher



This article from InSource shows how to troubleshoot some problems with the Aveva Insight Publisher.

  • Author: Rufus Handsome
  • Published: 05/20/2021
  • Applies to: Aveva Insight Publisher 4.2.0



  • Using the InSightPublisherSample.xlsx spreadsheet as an example you create a new spreadsheet and successfully publish a few test tags to the Insight cloud in a "DataSource".
  • However, when adding tags to the new spreadsheet, they fail to completely publish to the "DataSource", by not showing the new tags. Please note that Adding tags to the spreadsheet after publishing would not cause them to immediately be added to Insight until the spreadsheet has been republished..
  • You then create new spreadsheets and try to publish to the "DataSource" which also fail to show the tags associated with the DataSource.
  • You then create a "New DataSource" and try to publish using the same spreadsheets, which results in a status of "Never Published" on the Aveva Insight admin page.
  • You try over and over with new DataSources, modified spreadsheets, etc.  and the "Never Published" status never changes.
  • You look back a day or 2 later, and it says "Never Published" 

Troubleshooting Methods:       

  • Ensure that you have the latest version of the Publisher software.
  • Check to see that the Excell spreadsheet follows the InSightPublisherSample.xlsx exactly.
  • Check the Log Viewer and look for errors related to "Publisher" in the "Message" column.
  • Check "C:\ProgramData\ArchestrA\Historian\IDAS\Configurations" to see if there are any files in the directory. There will be files here if publishes have been previously done, files here do not mean there is an issue, only if there is something there for the file you are trying to republish

Resolving the Issue:

  • Delete the non-Working DataSources on the Aveva Insight Website.
  • Look at your Excel spreadsheet and ensure that all tags are coming from "1" I/O Source,  and either use the "IP Address" OR "Node Name" in the computerName column consistently , not both (The logger showed that for some reason the Publisher was complaining about multiple I/O sources).
  • Ensure that you use the correct tagType for each tag, "BOOL" is not "boolean" as far as the Publisher is concerned.  You must follow the example spreadsheet.
  • If using multiple DataSources\spreadsheets, be sure to change the directory path in the "publisherStoreForwardPath" column to point to another store forward directory "not being used" by another Data Source.  The logger showed that the Publisher was complaining about not being able to access the store forward path listed in the spreadsheet.
  • Ensure that you didn't add additional columns in the spreadsheet by mistake.
  • After deleting the non-working data sources from the Aveva Insight -> Administration -> Data Sources site,
    • On the system with the Publisher installed, stop the "Aveva Insight Supervisor" and the "Aveva Historian Client Access Point" services,  
    • Then go to "C:\ProgramData\ArchestrA\Historian\IDAS\Configurations" on the publishing system and delete the configuration files referencing the "non-working" data sources. 
    • Next restart the "Aveva Insight Supervisor" and the "Aveva Historian Client Access Point" Windows services,
    • Try to republish the correct spreadsheet to new data sources.