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TN - 1128 Resolving Missing Historian Management Console with Question Mark Icon on Server Name



  • Author: Peter Farrell
  • Published: 3/25/2021
  • Applies to: Historian version 2017 and above


If on opening Historian in the System Management Console, the Management Console is missing and a small question mark icon is displayed over the icon representing the server name, it is possible that the ArchestrA user or account name used to manage Historian is not a member of the local aaAdministrators group which allows its members to host and manage various ArchestrA services.


To add the user to the aaAdministrators group, open Computer Management and navigate to “Local Users and Groups” > “Groups”

Right click on aaAdministrators.

Select Properties from the menu presented.


In the aaAdministrators pane click “Add” and then enter or search for the account name to be assigned using the “Check Names” button.


When the account name is correctly entered, click the OK button and close out Computer Management.  On opening the Aveva System Management Console, you should now see the Management Console and there should no longer be a question mark icon over the server name icon.