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TN - 1118 Configuring IO Scaling for Wise Modules


This article from InSource shows how to configure IO scaling in AVEVA Historian when the data source is a Wise module.  The following step by step instruction uses an Avantech Wise-4012 wireless I/O module with analog inputs enabled.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  3/14/2021
  • Applies to:  AVEVA Historian 2020 R2 and higher


Start by open the Wise module web interface from a browser.  Navigate to the I/O Status view by clicking on the left pane.


We will use Channel 3 in this example.  Select the AI tab to go to the analog inputs.


Select Channel 3 from the drop down list.  Channel 3 is configured with a 4 ~ 20 mA range.  The current value is 6.166 mA.  This decimal equivalent value is 8873.  The decimal range is 0 to 65535.  It will read zero at 4 mA and 65535 at 20 mA.  The scaling is linear.


We are using the Modbus TCP OI Server to communicate with the Wise module.  The Modbus address for channel 3 is 4004.  It is reading the current decimal value of 8873 for this tag.  Scaling is required to convert this into the temperature in Celsius.


The scaling for the tag is configured from the Historian.  Click on the Acquisition tab from the properties pane for the tag.  The Min. Raw is set to 0 and the Max. Raw is set to 65535.


Click on the General tab to enter the Min Value and Max Value for the Engineering Units.  In this case, we have Celsius as the units of measure for the temperature.  A zero raw value would be -21.17 degrees Celsius.  A raw value of 65535 would be 300.396 degrees Celsius.


The current scaled value may be checked from the Historian Client query tool as shown above.