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TN - 1110 Removing Old Historian Connection Information



This article from InSource shows how to remove old connection string information that is stored within the Historian Client applications.  

  • Author: Lewis Talley
  • Published: 2/2/2021
  • Applies to: Historian Client (various versions)


The following screen shows extra "old" servers being shown that we wish to get rid of.  This is a screenshot from the Trend application.


Now you can close Trend, next we will delete the servers.xml file.  Make sure to delete the file for the user you wish to empty the list for as shown below:



upon reopening Trend, the list should now reflect the following:


If you are not using the Excel add-in you are done, but if so continue on..

The Historian Client add-in (for Excel) stores metadata that is hidden from the user about connection information.  If you use the Excel Workbook add-in, you must also complete the following steps:  Once the file is opened the Servers.XML file will be updated (effectively undoing the step above).  To fix this do the following:

Open an existing (saved) worksheet, and right click in the worksheets section to unhide the hidden sheet named “WData”:


Now delete the extra servers listed in the sheet.  Do not delete any other information (such as the dates).  Save the worksheet, and repeat the step above to delete the Servers.XML file.  Now the machine should be clear of any old existing connections to Wonderware Historians.