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TN - 1262 Redefining a Tags Data Type In Historian



This article from InSource shows a workaround for updating a tags data type in Historian. 

  • Author: Mario Meza
  • Published: 06/14/22
  • Applies to: Historian


Once a tag is created in Historian there is no way to update or change the data type from the SMC interface. You can always delete and recreate the tag but in a scenario where data has been collected, one work around involves the use of the Tag Rename Utility with a minor caveat.

NOTE: This process assumes any collected data matches any changes in the data type.


To demonstrate this an Analog tag was created collecting digital data from OI SIM


The data is being actively collected and validated in Trend


 To resolve this create a new tag of the correct data type pointing to the same IO source 




Next shut down and disable Historian and run the Tag Rename Utility from the following path

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Wonderware\Historian\x64\aahTagRename.exe"


Enter the New Tag of the correct datatype as the Old Tag Name and the Old TagName as the New Tag Name ( I know it sounds backwards).




*** If you don’t do it this way the data type of the tag type will remain incorrect, but the name will be correct.

Select Rename Tags



Enable Historian





Validate the data type is now correct in the SMC...




At this point the data is maintained and the data type should now be correct...




The tag name may be inaccurate, so rectify this you just need to run the utility again updating the Incorrect name to the Correct name




Enable Historian and validate everything is now correct



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