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TN - 1437 How to resolve Historian error: "The SQL login is invalid. Please update the Server startup options."



This article from InSource shows.......

  • Author: Ernest Lee
  • Published:  March 25, 2024
  • Applies to: Historian version 2017 and later


This article from InSource shows how to resolve the Historian error "The SQL login is invalid. Please update the Server startup options."

1. In Historian, right-click Management Console and choose Shutdown (and disable Historian.



2. Open SQL Server Management Studio, navigate to Databases - Runtime - Security - Logins and delete all ArchestrA logins via example:

EL_SP2k23_W2019\aaAdministrators - EL_SP2k23_W2019\aaPowerUsers - EL_SP2k23_W2019\aaUsers



3. In SSMS navigate to Databases - Runtime - Security - Users and delete the users selected below.



4. Next open Configurator and select Security on the left and click Configure to establish Historian security.



5. Next navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Wonderware\Historian\x64 and right-click aahSecurity.exe and Run as Administrator.



6. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\ArchestrA\Historian\Install\Scripts and double-click the SQL script RuntimeSecurity.sql and run it in the SSMS interface.

7. Go back to the Historian and this time click Enable (allow to run) Historian.


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