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How to migrate Historian to a new server using galaxy tags

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When migrating from INSQL 9 to a new version of Historian. You are using a new operating system and MSSQL version for the Historian. The new version of the Historian is already loaded on the new server and running.


Since the galaxy data is linked to the History Blocks by the tagname in the runtime database we can use a brand new runtime data and deploy the engine  to use the new Historian name.


Mike Viteri

Publish Date 4/23/2014

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Before you Begin


Make sure you have backed up your History Blocks. You will want to backup the folders

  • Circular
  • Alternate(if you have one)
  • Buffer
  • Permanent

Not all folders will have History Blocks.


Detailed Steps 

  1. On the new Historian server copy the history blocks that were backed in the previous steps to the same folders(This folders should be created when Historian is installed)