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TN - 1147 How To Recreate an IDAS Configuration File



This article from InSource shows you how to manually recreate an IDAS configuration in the event of data acquisition errors, low performance, or general instability.

  • Author: Justin Benton
  • Published: 6/11/2021
  • Applies to: Historian Server 2017 and Above


In the event that one of the IDAS sources starts to report errors, disconnects and reconnects randomly, or stops collecting data, one troubleshooting method you can perform is to recreate the IDAS configuration file. This will recreate the source and potentially solve whatever IDAS issue you may encounter.

  1. Shutdown and disable Historian.
  2. Navigate to C:\programdata\archestra\historian\idas\configuration. Here you will see the configuration file.


  1. Remove the DAT file from this location. You can either delete it or cut and paste to another location.
  2. Enable the Historian and navigate back to the path. The Historian will create a new DAT file. At this point you can check to see if your IDAS issues are resolved.
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