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TN - 1047 Backfilling Data from Wonderware Historian to AVEVA Insight


This article from InSource shows how to backfill data from  Wonderware Historian to AVEVA Insight.

  • Author:  Rich Brooks
  • Published:  10/26/2020
  • Applies to:  Historian 2017 U3 SP1 and higher


There is often a need to backfill old data from a tier-1 Wonderware Historian when a tier-2 historian is added.  This tech note describes a utility that may be used to replicate data to an online or on-premises tier-2 historian.  The utility is officially only supported by Wonderware for creating auto-summary data local to the source historian.  It may be used to backfill old historian data to AVEVA Insight.

Start by opening a command prompt.  Change the directory to Program Files (x86)\Wonderware\Historian\x64.  Wonderware Historian is installed to the D: in this example.


Run the following from the command prompt aahBackfillUI.exe -a.  Adding the -a parameter enables the replication of data to a Tier-2 Historian or AVEVA Insight.

NOTE:  The "-a" parameter is unsupported by Wonderware

The Replication Backfill Manager utility opens the following dialog.  Start by selecting the Replication Server from the dropdown list.


Enter the Start Time and End Time for the replication.  The backfill process is relatively slow depending on the archive data size and available system resources.  It is recommended to start with no more than a month.


An estimated time to complete will be displayed after the backfill job has started.

The utility will return with a backfill job completed message when done.


Repeat the previous steps until the required data is backfilled.

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